I created this website to tell you about an awesome camp I went to this summer (2013). It is called the Wildlife Leadership Academy or WLA. The WLA's focus is to teach teens leadership skills while informing them about wildlife. There are currently three camps the the WLA host, but one of them was not avaliable this year. The three are: the Bucktails that focuses on white-tailed deer, the Brookies that focuses on Brook Trout, and the Drummers that focuses on the Ruffed Grouse. These three animals are the Pennsylvania state mammal, fish, and bird respectively. 

   For more information you can go to the Info page. Also, you can go to Photo Gallery page to see some pictures that were taken when I was at camp (there will be more later when I receive them). 

   So, go on and explore the website, I hope you learn lots! :)